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"Get Re-live" in a decade, about millions of storage media and thousands of web uplinks (YouTube, website) have been broadcast/distributed.

Apart from this, we are capable of helping exceptional brands and are proud to be most effective for our service. Capturing all live proceedings during the event, which can later be broadcast to participants/non-participants who have the responsibility to share other obligations/non-attendance or knowledge. Users can view, read and listen to an audio, video, pictures, powerpoint presentations, speaker & sponsor profile, research papers, supplementary reading material, print/electronic media clips, catalogs and beyond...

Robust feedback

"As you know, earlier this week we received the DVDs of the proceedings of our Agri Revolution conference. I've now had the chance to look at them, and I am thoroughly impressed.

This is the first time that I see conference proceedings that are truly useful. Having a movie of the person speaking alongside his powerpoint slides, the possibility to move forward in the speech, the inclusion of so many relevant background documents on the DVD makes this a very valuable product for anyone involved in commodity finance. I am sure that many of those who will receive a copy will share it with their colleagues.

You have done a magnificent job. I wish I had been able to have a product like this for earlier conferences that I have organized. I will highly recommend you and your company to others that may benefit of your services, and I will actively discuss in my company how we can work with you in our future efforts, whether it be conferences or training events."


Lamon Rutten
Joint Managing Director

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19th Congress of the ISBI 2018, 30th November - 4th December 2018, New Delhi


48th Annual Conference of ESICON 2018, 15-18 November 2018, Bhubaneswar


33rd Annual National Conference of ISSPCON 2018, 2-4 February 2018, New Delhi


60th All India Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology, 25-29 January 2017, Ahmedabad


70th Annual Conference of IRIA 2017, 5-8 January 2017, Jaipur


IFHNOS DELHI 2016 & FHNO 2016, 12-15 October 2016, New Delhi


45th Annual Conference of ESICON 2015, 17-20 December 2015, Ahmedabad


63rd Annual National Conference of ISACON 2015, 25-29 December 2015, Jaipur


VIII WAC - International Conference 2014, 20-21 November 2014, New Delhi

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THE 6TH EUROINDIA SUMMIT, 21-22 October 2013, Hyderabad

26th Annual Scientific Meeting of INASL, 2-5 August 2018, New Delhi

INDIA-LAC INVESTMENT CONCLAVE, 16-17 October 2014, New Delhi

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12th HTYG Module, 2nd February 2019, New Delhi

Clinics in Liver Transplant (Workshop), 4 March 2017, New Delhi

Clinics in Liver Transplant (Workshop), 4 March 2017, New Delhi

storage media

CII - ET Dialogue on Luxury, 19 November 2013, New Delhi


8th Sustainability Solutions Summit, 14-15 October 2013, New Delhi


APVIC - V, 14-16 June 2013, New Delhi

eflyers snapshot

Broadband Summit 2014, 19 February 2014, New Delhi


CIO Summit 2013, 16 December 2013, Mumbai


Cloud Summit 2013, 29 October 2013, New Delhi


13th CII National Marketing Summit 2013, 27-28 November 2013, Mumbai


The Industry-IT Summit 2013, 18-19 March 2013, New Delhi


National Telecom Summit 2013, 2 August 2013, New Delhi


CII 9th Financial Markets Summit 2018, 7 December 2018, Mumbai


20th Insurance & Pensions Summit 2018, 11 September 2018, Mumbai


CII National Risk Management Summit 2015, 10-11 February 2015, Mumbai

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Biofuels - An Indian Opportunity

India - U.S. Technology Summit, 18-20 November 2014, Greater Noida

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, 7-9 January 2011, New Delhi

The CII Partnership Summit 2012

Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Industrial Lubrication

Brand India Pharma

FICCI - Industry's Voice for Policy Change

Energy Efficient Data Centres

US-India: Aviation Cooperation Program

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